Body Champ Mini-Stepper

This Body Champ mini-stepper with resistance bands is designed to provide a low impact full body workout. Two hydraulic cylinders provide a smooth stepping motion. The electronic LCD monitor features … Continue reading

Zumba Fitness Rizer

The all-new Zumba Rizer turns traditional step on its head. Torch calories while you tone your glutes and legs like in a traditional Step class, but with a more compact, … Continue reading

Weider WTMS08 Mini Stepper with Counter,

Mini Stepper with Counter

Deluxe Mini Stepper Exercise Machine

This compact, sturdy stepper is ideal for toning the waist, calves, hips, and thighs. Features a unique pulley system that provides a smoother stepping action and extends the life of … Continue reading

Sunny Mini Stepper Exercise Machine with Resistant Band Arm Rest & LCD Display

Automatic Scanning LCD Display tracks Speed, Steps, Time and Calories. Wide foot rests with non slip surface for balance and secure work outs. The instructions to assemble the LCD computer … Continue reading

Air Stepper Exerciser with Shakti Acupressure Mat – Step Machine Air Resistance Trainer with Arm Bands, Low Impact, with LCD Screen Counter.

The Air Stepper uses patented air power technology to create resistance with every step that you take. When you exercise on the Air Stepper, air moves between the two bellows … Continue reading

Smarter Body Compact Pedaler

FootSmart Smarter Body Compact Pedaler lets you pedal your way to better health Exercise without leaving your chair! This low impact cycle can help boost circulation, exercise your muscles and … Continue reading

Compact Twist Stepper Hydraulic Stepper Exerciser, Stepping Machine with Arm Bands and Hydraulic Resistance for Low-Impact Resistance Training

Unlike ordinary stepper exercise machines that only move up and down, the Compact Twist Stepper also works additional parts of your legs (such as the inner and outer thighs) and … Continue reading

Ringside Super Nylon Sweat Suit

Made of a heavy-duty machine washable nylon, not plastic. Elastic gathering at openings insures sauna effect. Double stitched seams for durability. Comes complete with top and bottom.

FITEC 10580 GS1500 Ultra Spreader

Created for guides and serious net throwers. Designed to generate their actual maximum spread potential. The exclusive Fitec process used to create…