Sunny Health & Fitness Climbing Stepper

Lets burn some calories! The Sunny Health & Fitness Climbing Stepper is a low-impact workout that’s easy on your knees but hard on your calories. This indoor mountain climbing trainer … Continue reading

Hers MS 68 Mini Stepper with Bands

The HERS MS 68 offers two powerful and effective workout routines in one compact machine — a fat burning cardio workout plus an effective toning and resistance workout. Its unique … Continue reading

Pure Fitness Mini-Stepper

The Pure Fitness Mini Stepper with Stretch Cords lets you tone and shape your upper and lower body simultaneously in one highly effective, low-impact workout. The stepper simulates the motion … Continue reading

NEMA 23 57HS13 Stepper motor. 184oz-in torque

NEMA 23 Motor Specification: Step angle: 1.8 deg Step per revolution: 200 Phases: 2 No. wires: 4 Current: 2.8A Holding Torque: 1.3 N.M (184oz*in) Single shaft, 6.35mm Inductance: 2.1 mH … Continue reading

Ringside Corner Towel

Absorbent terry cloth is great for all corner work. 16″ x 25″ size is ideal for working corners. 100% cotton.

Air Climber Red/Black

The Air Climber System makes exercise fun. Get cardio, weight loss, and tighter abs and core while you step on air. Using air eliminates impact on joints. Air flows form … Continue reading

Phoenix 98107 Dual Action Mini Stepper

Phoenix 98107 Dual Action Mini Stepper – Additional Information: Stepper works out lower body; dual action arms work out upper body for full cardiovascular conditioning Dual hydraulic cylinders create resistance … Continue reading

SunFitness LCD Stair Stepper w/ Resistance Bands

Securely attached resistance cords promote balance while toning your upper body. The Mini Stair Stepper allows for minimum space and investment needed. This low-impact, high intensity workout helps tone your … Continue reading

StairMaster 4600CL Stepper

Advanced new style, light gray color.

StairMaster 4000pt Stepper

The legendary Stairmaster┬« 4000PT is the original design stepper, made by the industry-leading manufacturer of steppers. The independent step action offers the extra wide “sweet spot” that makes the Stairmaster┬« … Continue reading