Pro Professional Easy Reach Hand Held Massager White with 2 Cups and Beautifully Designed Packaging

*Portable and easy to use. Ideal for Arms, Abdomen, Back, Hips, Buttocks, Legs. Interchangeable cups with rollers. Suction variable for deep massage Tone muscles and release tension *Benefits: Visibly smoothes … Continue reading

Beautyko USA Evertone Ultra 2-in-1 Bottom and Abs Toning System

Beautyko Evertone Ultra is a FDA cleared system which includes the Evertone Bottom toning system and the Ab Belt Plus toning kit. Evertone Bottom toning system is a FDA approved … Continue reading

EverTone Men’s Vibro Pro Vibrating Abdominal Belt, Black, One Size Fits All

EVERTONE Men’s Abs Belt Pro toning system includes EVERTONE Men’s Abs Belt to tone, tighten and strengthen love handles, upper, lower and side abs, oblique’s and lower belly, plus 2 … Continue reading

Medvibe NitroFit Personal Whole Body Vibration Platform – NITROFIT

Medvibe NitroFit Personal Whole Body Vibration Platform Optimize workouts and recovery with Whole Body Vibration Therapy! The Medvibe NitroFit Persona

PowerVibe Zen Pro

Dual Motors 1500 Watts Axis Plate Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Machine

We use only Direct Current motors to limit the EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) that you could be exposed to. Some vibration machines on the market are built with AC motors or … Continue reading

Whole Full Body Vibration Plate Exercise Machine 42 Hz High Speed

This new 2014 model has just been released, and offers the best functions when looking for a high quality whole body vibration plate exercise machine. This latest model will go … Continue reading

ProForm Activator V7 Vibration Training Machine

With the ability to contract your muscles up to 45 times per second, whole body vibration can help you build muscle, improve performance, increase bone density and more.

Whole Body Full Vibration Pro Massage Machine Plate Platform Crazy Fit Fitness

Crosslinks is excited to offer this professional massage experience at home! Why are vibration machines so popular? Because the reflex contraction of muscles is the most basic, unconscious movement of … Continue reading

PULSER Whole Body Vibration Machine; Newest 2014 DUAL vibration, 3 vibration modes; Premium Home; 440 lb limit, rear wheels;

The PULSER combines the best qualities of an excellent whole body vibration machine: reinforced steel construction, large vibration platform, 3 vibration motions, 2.0 HP 500 watt + 300 watt motors. … Continue reading